Full Glass French Doors / Double Doors

A simple way to replace timber doors with stylish full glass double doors.

About Full Glass Double Doors

Full Glass double doors are Made to Order to fit openings of up to 1800mm overall (900mm each door). There is no need to change or remove the existing door frame as our full glass doors and hardware are specially designed to be fitted into standard doorways.

Included are the glass doors, handles, hinges and clear cushion strip for your frame. We also provide a matching strike box/keep, and bolt set for double doors.

It is also possible to have pull handles or knobs if roller catches are used instead of a latch.

The hinges are made to be fitted directly into a standard frame rebate in a similar way to standard timber door hinges. The glass will close onto clear cushion strip that is provided with the doors. This offers a discreet, unobtrusive cushion between the glass and the wood.

Hinges for Glass Double Doors

Our hinges ensure that your glass doors will fit into a standard type timber frame.

With Cubo and Enzo and Vito, it isn't necessary to cut into the frame as the hinges will sit perfectly on the inside reveal.
It is also possible to install Vito into hinge cut outs.

hinges for full glass doors


component parts of hinges for full glass doors


Cubo hinge for full glass doors


Satin Nickel (like stainless steel)
Polished Chrome
Satin Chrome

Enzo hinges for glass doors


Satin Nickel (like stainless steel)
Polished Chrome
Satin Chrome

Vito hinges for full glass doors


Satin Nickel (like stainless steel)
Polished Chrome
Satin Chrome
Polished Brass

Latch, Lock and Bathroom and Handle Options for Glass Doors

Sourced for functionality and aesthetic design, we offer the most diverse range of handles, locks and latches for glass doors.

Within each range you can select a shape for the latch/lock and then select a handle style to go with it. It is also possible to select a handle from a different range ie. you could have a Style lock with a handle from the Design range if you wish

latch body



lock body

Key locks


WC bathroom locking body

Bathroom locks

Privacy locks for glass doors

Privacy locks
exclusive to Style range

There are three product groups to choose from: PROJECT, STYLE AND DESIGN

Project range glass door lock options

Project Range View Options

Project is a small, economy focused range of lock, latch and WC options in satin stainless steel finish.

Style range glass door lock options

Style Range View Options

Style is our Italian hardware brand and offers the widest range of finishes and locking options.

Design range glass door lock options

Design Range View Options

Designed in Germany with supreme engineering and finishing. Design has a range of finishes and styles.


image link to glass options for full glass doors

Glass is cut to size and prepared for your hinges and handles. It is then toughened to comply with safety regulations.

We have lots of glasses to choose from, and we can even offer special one off designs.

Please use the link to read much more about the options that are available and the manufacturing process.