Latches, Locks and Bathroom Locks for Glass Doors

The largest range of styles and finished for latches, key locks and WC/Privacy locks for glass doors

With WC locking and Key locking options, the handle hole is moved across the body of the lock to make room for the lock/turn. With the Privacy snib option, the handle hole remains in the same place as a latch option. Not all the body styles and finishes come in all options, so please check the details for each.


latch body



lock body

Key lock


WC bathroom locking body

WC bathroom lock

Design range glass door lock options

Privacy lock
exclusive to Style range

Select from three product groups: PROJECT, STYLE and DESIGN

Project range glass door lock options

Project Range View Options

Project is a small, economy focused range of three styles of lock, latch and WC options in satin stainless steel finish.

Style range glass door lock options

Style Range View Options

Style is our Italian hardware brand and comes in a variety of stylish design choices, and the widest range of finishes and locking options.

Design range glass door lock options

Design Range View Options

Designed in Germany with supreme engineering and finishing. Design has six style/shape options and a range of finishes