Frameless Glass Single Doors

Our bespoke frameless glass doors are a chic and sophisticated solution.

annotated picture showing the fitting and hardware details for frameless glass door with glass to wall hinges

A frameless glass door installation with pivot hinges

About Frameless Glass Doors

From cutting edge contemporary style to understated elegance, our frameless glass doors are a perfect design choice for any project.

We combine the modern functionality of commercial glass door hardware with the aesthetic requirements of domestic interior design to offer a range of frameless glass doors that is second to none in diversity, quality and exclusivity.

Doors come with 'glass to wall' or pivot hinges that fit into the wall reveal, and are usually fitted with pull bar handles or pull knobs. We offer a selection of hinges to suit different requirements and sizes/weights of glass. We have a range of accessories such as privacy locks, and a vast choice of pull bar handle styles and sizes.

Our combination of glass choices and hardware options allows you to be creative and design an end result that is unique to you.

Hinge Options for Frameless Glass Doors

Choose from a range of hinges for wall fix applications and floor/ceiling pivot applications.

Hinges swing in both directions - open through 180°.
The door will hold itself in place when open at right angles and also when closed. There is no need for a latch.
Hinges self close from varying degrees, dependent on the specification and size/weight of the door.

We have several options for this type of glass door hinge. Each has it's own unique features and benefits:

Fiesta glass to wall fixing hinge for frameless glass doors

Fiesta self centring hinge

Amalfi self closing hinge for frameless glass doors

Amalfi self close

Bella self centring hinge for frameless glass doors

Bella self centring hinge

Capri soft close hydraulic hinge for frameless glass doors

Capri soft close hinge

project hydraulic hinge for frameless glass doors

Project Self Close Pivot Hinge

Top patch to suit Project pivot hinges

Project Top Pivot

Pull Handles for Glass Doors


image link to glass options for full glass doors

Glass is cut to size and prepared for your hinges and handles. It is then toughened to comply with safety regulations.

We have lots of glasses to choose from, and we can even offer special one off designs.

Please use the link to read much more about the options that are available and the manufacturing process.