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Huge choice of bespoke frameless glass door designs and hardware options.

Swing hinged glass doors, pivot hinged glass doors, sliding glass doors, glass partitions and more.

Frameless glass double doors with sandblasted design

Frameless Glass Doors: Hinged Glass Doors, Sliding Glass Doors, Glass Partitions

Bespoke interior frameless glass doors in a range of glass choices including clear glass, satin glass, sandblasted designs, tinted glass and colours.

Glass door solutions for single and double doors in both hinged/swing options, and sliding glass doors. Glass doors are available with side panels and top panels to make stunning glass partitions / room dividers.

A complete solution with the glass and hardware tailored to your project. We aim to make your purchase as simple as possible, and to ensure the perfect result.

Our doors are intended for room entry doors and dividers in interior projects. Our doors and hardware are not intended to be used in exterior projects where thermal or weather resistance might be required, or as shower screens where seals might be required and where items may be in contact with the water.

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View hinges and handles for full glass doors and frameless glass doors, track choices for sliding glass doors, our Piazza glass door range and glass partitions.

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Full glass doors with hinges and lever handles to fit a glass door into a standard doorway.

Full glass doors are an easy way to replace a timber door with a glass door.

Hinges and latch strike plates/keeps fit perfectly into the rebate of any ordinary door frame. We have solutions with locks for bathrooms, key locks and double doors.

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Cutting edge contemporary style to understated elegance, a frameless glass door is a perfect design choice.

With 'glass to wall' or pivot hinges that fit into the wall reveal, and pull bar handles or knobs. Choice of hinges and handles to suit different requirements and sizes/weights of glass, and a range of accessories such as privacy locks.

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Frameless glass doors can also come in a sliding glass door option.

Choose from a range of superior quality sliding tracks, handles, and accessories.

Sliding glass door tracks include pelmet options where the clamps and rollers are concealed, and pole systems with stylish modern rolling glass carriers.

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image link to frameless glass partitions


Incorporated into a glass wall, our hinged frameless glass doors and sliding glass doors make beautiful glass partitions.

Define or divide a space, retain light whilst adding privacy, or make the most of a fabulous view.

Create a stunning room divider with a frameless glass partition.

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image link to Piazza Industrial style metal and glass doors


Piazza is our range of Industrial style metal framed interior doors.

Loved by interior designers for their striking and minimalist look, with a hint of industrial flavour, Piazza includes hinged doors, sliding doors, bifold doors, pocket doors, and glass partition options.

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Transform a room with a tidy, space-saving pocket door system, or disappearing door as they are sometimes called.

Modern and minimalist, a glass pocket door can save an average of 10 sq ft of floor space.

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Frequently asked questions:

Why choose a bespoke glass door?

Glass doors give a stylish, modern feel that suits any home interior. Glass doors can transform your home by allowing the light to flow through whilst offering the opportunity to customise to your specific requirements.

Light, particularly natural light, is one of the most important considerations in contemporary interior design. Sunlight contributes to our health and wellbeing, makes spaces more inviting and is an important factor in sustainable design. In addition, natural light can make a room look larger and less confined than it actually is.

Glass doors are commonplace in interior home design throughout Europe. In the UK we have tended to think of them only in relation to shops and offices. This doesn't have to be the case, as glass doors are functional, adaptable and come with a wide array of hardware options.

The range of glass options and hardware choices offers the ability to create a unique feature to suit any home. Clear glass doors are timeless, satin glass doors provide privacy, and sandblasted designs offer the opportunity to be unique.

How do I measure for a glass door?

Whether you are replacing a timber door with a full glass door, installing frameless glass into a new wall opening, or considering a sliding glass door, each section of our website includes a guide on how to give the measurements that we would need in order to make your glass door to the perfect size.

The measurements are always the 'tight sizes'. The opening needs to be fully finished, including the floor coverings. Don't make any clearance allowances yourself, and always measure to the top of your finished floor covering. We will make the necessary size adjustments according to your hardware choice. Please use our glass door measuring guides and, if you are unsure of anything, please speak to us as we will be happy to guide you.

Are glass doors easy to install?

Glass doors are designed to be installed by a competent tradesperson or keen DIYer. Glass doors can be heavy, so we recommend that installation is performed by two people.

Proper and accurate measuring and installation is essential when fitting glass doors. It's important that the opening [wall, frame etc] is suitable for fixing the glass door hardware into. Though there is a little tolerance, depending on the door type and hardware choice, it is important that openings are plumb and of suitable construction.

For instance, when installing a sliding glass door on the wall, the wall should be of solid construction. On a studwork wall, the track fixings need to be where the timbers are. This needs considering when measuring and calculating the glass height.

Do you offer an installation service for your glass doors?

Some clients prefer the confidence of a complete service, including survey and installation. Subject to the project location, we can offer this at additional cost.

For projects requiring survey and installation, in the first instance we provide a quotation based on the information you give. If it's within your budget and our quotation is accepted, we then progress to the survey stage.

Installation of pocket systems is not offered as boarding and plastering would also be required.

How much do glass doors cost?

Glass doors are made to order to each clients individual requirements. With the wide choice of glass options, sizes and accessories, the cost will vary from job to job. To provide an accurate cost, we need some basic information and the delivery/site postcode.

Each product section on our website shows the available glass choices and hardware options. Explore them and tell us what you would like, together with the size and your postcode. Then we can send a bespoke quotation.

What is the difference between a full glass doors and a frameless glass door?

As we offer two types of hinged glass door, we use the terms 'full glass door' and 'frameless glass door' to differentiate between these. We use the term 'full glass' for doors that fit into a standard wooden frame or lining in the same way as a timber door. The term 'frameless glass' is used when the glass door is installed into a flat wall reveal. This may be plaster, tile, wood etc.

Can I use your doors for my shower room?

Our doors are intended to be used in entrances to rooms. As such, the hardware is not suitable for areas in direct contact with water and the doors are not designed to repel water. If you have a wet room|shower room, where the installation is of sufficient distance from the 'wet area' and the door would not be in contact with the water, they it would be possible to install one of our doors. If the door could be in contact with the water, then you would need a shower screen from a bathroom company instead.

Are frameless glass doors safe?

Glass doors are made with toughened glass and comply with UK safety regulations. Unless the glass suffers an impact, it's extremely unlikely to ever break. Furthermore, when toughened glass breaks, it's designed to shatter in a way that wouldn't cause large wounds.

That being said, glass doors should be used with the same care and attention paid to any other item of high quality furniture. Never use excessive force and ensure that glass doors are installed and used in accordance with instructions.

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Glass Options for Glass Doors

When we manufacture a glass door, the glass is cut to size and prepared with the necessary drilled holes and cutouts for your hardware. It is then toughened to BSEN 12150 Class 1. The edges of the glass are polished, and lastly, if you have chosen a design, then that is sandblasted onto the glass and finished with a protective coating. The choice of glass thickness may be determined by it's suitability in relation to the size, the hardware choice and application.

clear glass door - standard or low iron

Clear Glass Door: standard or low iron

8mm, 10mm

Glass naturally contains iron, and the iron gives standard glass a slight green hue. It is in all standard glass, but is more apparent in the thicker glasses that are used for glass doors. Hence, low iron glass has become the glass of choice for interior design. Most of the iron is removed to give better clarity, purity of colour and very high levels of light transmittance

satin glass door - standard or low iron

Satin Glass Door: standard or low iron

8mm, 10mm

Made by acid etching one face, Satin glass has a uniform, 'silky smooth' appearance that diffuses light to give a soft, natural appearance. It has excellent light transmission and a high level of privacy.
Ideal for bathrooms, and the preferred choice for plain opaque doors as it is a durable surface that needs no additional protection.

sandblasted glass door- standard or low iron

Linea Design Glass Door: standard or low iron

8mm, 10mm

Linea Design refers to sandblasted designs that employ straight lines or angular shapes such as squares.

The most popular design is as above: 4No equally spaced clear lines. However, the lines can be as wide or narrow as you wish, and positioned wherever you would like.

sandblasted designs glass door - standard or low iron

Special Design Glass Door: standard or low iron

8mm, 10mm

'Special Design' refers to sandblasted patterns that feature curves, logos, lettering and infact pretty much anything your imagination can contrive.

DESIGN YOUR OWN DOOR. You can either let us know your idea and we can design the artwork for your final approval, or you can provide your own artwork in a print ready format.

glass door with deep sandblast | engraved

Deep Sandblasted glass door: standard or low iron

The designs are sandblasted 0.5mm into the glass surface.

With this method, satin glass can be sandblasted with a design to give a 3D effect, so that you can have a pattern, whilst having no clear parts in the glass.

It's also possible to deep sandblast tinted glass, and to paint the design with a colour such as silver.

tinted glass door - with or without sandblasted pattern

Tinted Glass 10mm

Metal oxides are added to the glass in production to give a bronze, grey or dark grey tint. As this is in the glass composition, it is called 'body tint'.

Glass can be completely sandblasted or patterned with linea / special designs.

Tinted glasses are also used for solar control as they reduce the light transmittance

coloured glass door - single colour or bi colour

Colour | Bi-colour Glass Door

10mm thickness

Colour, Bi-Colour.

Colours are the result of a complex process of cold lacquering sprayed by hand on low iron glass, and finished with a protective coating. Coloured glass can be either single colour or bi-colour. Bi-colour, is two different colours separated by a clear strip.

View Colours

mirrored glass door and fusion glass doors

Light-Colour | Mirror-Colour Glass | Deep light | Fusion

10mm thickness

Light-Colour and Mirror-Colour:

Light-Colour features a transparent pattern on a colour background.

Mirror-Colour has mirror on one face, with or without a design, and colour on the reverse.

Deep Light and Fusion are multi layered colour processes.

View Designs