frameless glass pocket door

Glass Pocket Doors

Pocket door systems for making stunning, space saving doorways, where the glass slides into the wall cavity.

Frameless Glass Pocket Doors

A range of pocket systems, tracks and accessories for creating a new pocket door, or turning an existing timber pocket door into a fabulous frameless glass pocket door.

frameless glass pocket door - sandblasted design


A Complete New System

A complete system with the glass door, handles and a metal pocket frame for building into the wall.


Change an existing timber pocket door to a glass pocket door

A clamp and trim kit for turning your exisiting pocket system into a glass pocket door system. Our glass door conversion kits suit most pocket door systems.


Make Your Own Wall Pocket

A track and clamp option for those of you who wish to make your own studwork pocket.


Design and Personalise

Choose from any of the glass options within our glass doors range, select your handle and use our handy PDF measuring guide to give us the measurements from your doorway.
We will make your very own, personal frameless glass pocket door.

Option 1 : Complete system

A complete pocket door system. Including your choice of glass and handles, and a metal pocket system made with 1.2mm galvanised steel. For glass doors up to 100Kg each door leaf.

metal pocket for single doors

Metal system for single pocket doors

metal pocket for double doors

Metal system for double pocket doors

Clamp and trim kit for metal pocket door system

Clamps and Trims

Metal pocket systems for single and double doors in a range of sizes, and three finished wall thicknesses.
Clamps suitable for 8mm thickness or 10mm thickness glass doors.
The metal system is made with galvanised steel and guaranteed for 15 years against material and manufacturing defects.

Sizes for metal pocket systems - single doors

width and height for metal pocket door systems

System width and height

plan view glass width and passage width for pocket doors

Plan View passage width

glass height and passage height for glass doors

View of passage height

Sizes for metal pocket systems - double doors

width and height for metal pocket door systems double doors

System width and height

glass width and passage width for double pocket doors

Plan View passage width

glass height and passage height for glass pocket doors

View passage height

Option 2 : Turn an existing timber pocket door into a frameless glass pocket door

Our glass door conversion kit enables a timber pocket system to accept a frameless glass door. Our glass clamps will fit onto any system rollers that use M8 bolts.
The jamb trim set fits some of the popular pocket door 'architrave free' systems, including the Eclisse Syntesis.
Measure the wall reveal width from plaster to plaster, and the wall reveal height from the plaster to the finished floor level, and we can make your glass door to suit.
Use our handy measuring guide 

glass clamps, covers and end caps

Glass clamps, cover profiles and end caps

glass clamps, covers and end caps for frameless glass pocket door

clamps and covers fit onto glass doors

pocket door jamb trims

Pocket door jamb trims

timber jamb kit for glass pocket door

Timber jamb trims

Option 3 : Make your own pocket

Use our track and glass clamps and make your pocket with studwork timbers.
A cost effective and flexible solution, enabling you to make a single or double pocket door system of any size up to 1200mm wide each door leaf. 
Minimum glass width 600mm - maximum glass width 1200mm.
Each set comes with the top track, and two stoppers, two clamps and a guide for each door panel.

pocket track parts

Track and accessories for pocket doors

frameless glass pocket door built into the wall

Built into the wall

Gallery frameless glass pocket doors

Handles for glass pocket doors

We have a selection of handles, including privacy locking, that are suitable for our glass pocket doors.

EM404 privacy lock handle for glass pocket door


EM406 handle with end pull for glass pocket door


EM506 flush handle for glass pocket door


EM-512 flush handles for glass doors


EM-522 square design flush handles for glass pocket doors


EM511 flush handle for glass pocket door



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