Piazza interior door collection.

Industrial style, metal frame interior doors.

Swing doors in both side hinged and pivot hinged options, sliding doors, bifold doors, pocket doors and glass partitions.

Piazza industrial style metal frame doors

Why Choose Piazza Industrial style doors

Piazza is a precision engineered system in aluminium, to enable larger panels with enhanced hardware options, such as concealed hinges and soft closing mechanisms. The doors have a contemporary feel and function highly suited to the requirements and expectations of modern clients and designers for interior room entrances and divisions.

About Piazza Industrial style, aluminium metal framed doors

Piazza metal framed glass doors are made to order in a range of designs and options to create stunning glass partitions and doorways. Piazza has very slim profiles and unique features such as an adjustable frame system with concealed hinges, and sliding door tracks with height adjustment.
Timeless and classic, Piazza doors suit all styles of properties from Art Deco style Victorian semis to modern new-builds.

Please note that Piazza doors are for interior use as entrances to rooms and room dividers. The doors are not suitable for exterior installations where thermal rating|weatherproofing is required, or in situations where items would be in contact with water.

We are not able to offer Piazza doors in a fire rated option.

Crittall style doors - Crittall type doors

Clients come to us asking for 'Crittall style doors', and many companies market doors as 'Crittall Style' and 'Crittall Type'. However, it is important to be aware that this is not correct. The Crittall name is a registered trademark and only doors made and supplied by Crittall Windows Ltd can be described as so.
The style of steel window was determined many years ago and Crittall Windows Limited is one manufacturer. Though there are other manufacturers, the long standing reputation of the Crittall company means that people have come to use their name in a generic manner to refer to all doors and windows with metal or metal look perimeters and bars. However, it is not a generic term and the terms 'Crittall Style' and 'Crittall Type' should not be used to describe other doors of this style.

There are many differences between how we style our Piazza doors and how Crittall style their doors, that mean they are not comparable products and should not be confused.

PRODUCT CHOICES : Select the links below to view each product detail

Piazza Grafic Industrail style hinged door sets

Piazza Grafic
Hinged 1

View Hinged 1
Piazza Grafic industrial style hinged doors with frames and architraves

Piazza Grafic doors
Hinged 2

View Hinged 2
Piazza Grafic Industrial style sliding doors

Piazza Grafic Sliding doors

View Sliding
Piazza Grafic Industrial style bifold doors

Piazza Grafic Bifold doors

View Bifold
Piazza Grafic Industrial style pocket doors

Piazza Grafic Pocket doors

View Pocket
Piazza Grafic Industrial style pivot doors

Piazza Grafic Pivot doors

View Pivot
Levante for doors and privacy screens

Levante doors and Screens

View Levante

Grafic - Hinged doors.

  • Industrial style, metal frame, single and double door sets, with optional side panels, and fitted into matching aluminium frames. These complete door sets come with a choice of two frame types.
  • TYPE 1: Traditional type slimline frames for installing directly within the wall reveal. Type 1 style doors sets come with concealed hinges and magnetic latching/locking handles.
  • Type 2: Frames with architraves for replacing a timber door and frame. Or flush with the wall frames. Type 2 style door sets come with offset or hidden pivot hinges and magnetic latching/locking handles.
  • Made to order in a choice of standard finish options. Or bespoke finishes to the international RAL colour system.
View Gallery PDF Hinged Type 1 PDF Hinged Type 2
crittal style doors with slimline frames

Slimline frames

crittall style doors with frames and architraves

Frames with trims

concealed hinges

Concealed hinges

magnetic latch with lever handles

Latch with handles

offset hinges

Offset hinge

Grafic - sliding doors.

  • Sliding door sets with metal framed industrial style doors and matching sliding tracks, including softclose.
  • Sliding track systems for single doors and double doors. Matching panels for creating room dividers.
  • Wall fixed or top fixed sliding tracks. Visible rails, or Concealed rails with profile for building into the ceiling.
  • Optional end wall jamb closing profiles.
  • Locks possible on doors that close onto end profiles.
  • Made and finished to order in a choice of standard finish options. Or bespoke finishes to the international RAL colour system.
View GALLERY Sliding View Details sliding
grafic sliding door and panel

Bypass Systems

crittall style sliding doors

with side panels

grafic solo sliding doors and panels

concealed tracks

flush handle for Grafic sliding door

Flush handle

Grafic - bifold doors.

  • Bifolding door sets.
  • Matching frames, with concealed hinges and flush handles.
  • Two leaf (either to the left or to the right), and Four leaf (two opening left + 2 opening right) options without floor rail
  • Four leaf and six leaf options opening in one direction - either left or right - with flush floor guide rail.
  • Optional profile for concealing the track into the ceiling
  • Choice of standard finish options. Or bespoke finishes to the international RAL colour system.
View GALLERY Bifold View details Bifold
crittall style bifold doors

concealed and visible track options

piazza grafic solo crittall style bifold doors

both side opening without floor rail

piazza crittall style folding doors

single side opening with floor rail

Grafic - pocket doors.

  • Single and double doors to suit pocket systems
  • Suits architrave free systems, such as Eclisse Syntesis.
  • Flush handle and end pull for door leaf sliding 100% into the wall.
  • Fits common systems that use M8 bolts for hanging the doors on the carriages (rollers).
  • Choice of standard finish options. Or bespoke finishes to the international RAL colour system.
View GALLERY Pocket View PDF details Pocket Doors
double pocket doors

double pocket doors

single pocket doors

single pocket door

flush handle and door end pull

Flush handle and end pull

Grafic- pivot doors.

  • Industrial style doors with pivot hinges
  • Single doors. Or use two single doors to make a double door pair.
  • Large door widths.
  • Central pivot axis, or offset pivot axis.
  • Choice of standard finish options. Or bespoke finishes to the international RAL colour system.
View GALLERY Pivot View details Pivot
Industrial style pivot doors

Single doors or two doors together

door with offset pivot axis

Offset pivot axis

door with central pivot axis

Centred pivot axis

Levante Doors and Screens.

  • Metal framed doors with louvres and without glas,  for creating room dividers and privacy screens.
  • Profiles are made to order in anodised aluminium.
View GALLERY View PDF details Levante
levante sliding door screen

sliding doors and screens

levante exterior sliding door screen

exterior privacy screen

levante louvre room divider

room dividers

levante pivot and louvre detail

pivot doors

Frequently asked questions:

What is an Industrial Style door?

Industrial style doors are also commonly referred to as metal frame doors, Art Deco doors, loft style doors etc.

Piazza industrial style doors are made in anodised aluminium. The manufacturing processes used to make steel doors and aluminium doors are very different. Steel tends to have a more 'rustic' look and feel, with hammered profiles and joints that are sometimes welded. The glass is supplied in individual pieces and fitted into the metal profiles with silicone (wet glazing).

Piazza doors provide a more contemporary look with very slimline profiles that do not rust. The high precision nature of aluminium means that enhanced hardware options are available. It is possible to integrate matching locks and handles, and use concealed hinge options. Furthermore, the glazing method means that silicone is not necessary. The combination of product features in aluminium Piazza doors gives a modern style and superb function.

Are your doors Crittall Doors?

No, our doors are not Crittall doors.
The long standing reputation of the Crittall company means that many people have come to use the Crittall name to refer to all doors and windows with metal or metal look perimeters and bars. However, it is important to be aware that this is not correct.
The name Crittall is a registered trademark and only doors that are made by Crittall Windows Ltd can legally use the name.

Though they are not the only producer of this style of door, the Crittall name has become incorrectly used in a generic manner.

The terms such as Crittall doors, Crittall style doors and Crittall type doors should not be used to describe products by any company other than Crittall Windows Ltd.

Do you make fire doors?

Our doors are made in aluminium and the melting point of aluminium means that it would not be a suitable material for the manufacture of fire rated doors. It should be noted that, where fire rated doors in the style of Crittall doors are required, steel doors are the only option.

We are aware that some suppliers of steel doors in the Crittall style are selling their doors with fire rated glass and stating compliance. However, it is important to remember that compliance with fire regulations relates to the whole product specification and installation. It is not sufficient to install fire glass in a non fire rated door set and assume compliance, and your building inspector may reject such a product.

As far as we are aware, currently only official door sets manufactured and supplied by Crittall Windows Ltd are completely tested and certified by Warrington.

Which are better, steel doors or aluminium doors?

Each material has it's own features and benefits, and we really couldn't say that either is better than the other.

Are aluminium doors cheaper than steel?

As a raw material, steel is more expensive than aluminium. However, the lower cost of the aluminium can be offset by the upgraded hardware options. Aluminium industrial style doors are generally lower in cost than steel alternatives, but it really depends on the specification and the quality of the hardware.

Our doors are made in Italy using only the very best quality profiles, glass and hardware. The enhanced hardware and sliding systems enables us to offer full height hinged doors, large door panels in sliding doors and variations such as bifolding and pocket doors.

Do you offer a fitting service? Can I fit myself?

Subject to your project location, we are happy to work with you either way.
We understand that some clients like the reassurance of knowing that their doors are being measured and installed by our experienced team.
Our products have also frequently been installed by builders, other tradespeople, and even by the clients themselves. The feedback tells us that they find our door sets surprisingly straight forward to install. A recent client who purchased a sliding double door set sent us a lovely email saying that her joiners 'loved the quality of the product and were surprised by the simplicity and effectiveness of the features'.

If you are unsure, we have installation guides available, and we are happy to talk though the process.
For clients that would like our complete service, we would first create a quotation based on the information you provide. Then, if this quotation is acceptable, we would progress to the survey.

What is the cost of a Piazza door?

The doors are made to order to each clients individual requirements, and the cost will vary according to the sizes and specification. To provide an accurate cost, we would need to know which option you are interested in, the size of the wall opening, whether you require our installation service, and also the site postcode.

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