Metalglass steel doors.

Industrial | Loft Style Doors in Steel

Interior door sets, hinged, sliding, bifold, pivot, fixed screens and partitions made in steel.

Metalglass loft style doors made in steel

Why Choose Metalglass Industrial style | loft style steel doors

Metalglass is a made-to-measure, modern style steel and glass solution using the latest manufacturing machinery and processes to create beautiful solutions for residential interiors and office spaces.

About Metalglass industrial style | loft style, metal framed doors

Metalglass steel and glass doors are made to measure in a range of designs, glasses and finish choices. Profiles are made from the highest quality zinc coated steel to ensure there is no oxidation to cause rusting or corrosion. Profiles are powdercoated in a range of standard colours, or a choice of colours from the RAL Classic colour chart, to ensure surface durability for many years.

We have a choice of three glazing bar styles, from our most popular Prestige slimline option at just 20mm x 5mm on both sides of the glass, to our next Prestige Mark II option which has a 20mm x 5mm bar on one side and a deeper 'constructional' 20mm x 25mm on the oposing side, and finally to our Industrial option with welded bars and 'L' shaped bead profiles for very large elements.

Metalglass - Hinged steel door sets.

  • Single and double door sets, with optional side panels and over panels.
  • The Frame Traditional type slimline frames for installing directly in the wall reveal. Door sets have traditional style welded hinges and come with a choice of latches/locks with lever handles, or pull bar handles .
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Metalglass steel door set - single door with frame

Single door

Metalglass steel door set - single door with panel

Door and panel

Metalglass steel door set - double doors

Double doors

Metalglass steel door set - double doors with side panels and top panel

Side and Top panels

Metalglass - sliding doors.

  • Sliding door sets in steel with matching sliding tracks.
  • Track systems for single doors and double doors. Matching panels for creating room dividers.
  • Choice of two track types. Pelmet style and Loft style. [Loft style track for single doors and double doors only]
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metalglass industrial style sliding door with loft style track

Single Doors

metalglass industrial style sliding doors

Double Doors

metalglass industrial style sliding doors with side panels

with side panels

Metalglass - Fixed Panels.

  • Fixed panels in steel and glass for partitions.
  • Part height and full height. Can also be used as overpanel above doors.
  • Can be coupled together to make large partitions, and combinable with door elements and corner posts.
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Metalglass fixed panels for partitions and dividers

Fixed panels for partitions and dividers to make part height and full height dividers

Metalglass fixed panels with corner post and door to make L shaper partition

Fixed panels with corner post to make 'L' shaped partition / glass room

Metalglass - bifolding steel door sets.

  • Bifolding door sets with matching frames in steel, and folding hardware by Centor.
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Metalglass steel bifold doors

Bifold doors in steel

Metalglass- pivot doors.

  • Steel Loft style doors with pivot hinges by Argenta and FritsJurgens.
  • Single doors. Or use two single doors to make a double door pair.
  • Large door widths.
  • Central pivot axis, or offset pivot axis.
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Metalglass Industrial style pivot door

Pivot door shown in bronze

Metalglass Industrial style pivot doors and panels

Pivot doors with side panels

Metalglass Industrial style pivot double door and panels

Double pivot doors and panels

Gallery Metalglass Industrial/Loft Style Steel Doors


Everyone loves slim bars with small sightlines, and our standard Prestige bars option is the most popular choice at just 20mm high x 5mm thickness.

Prestige standard glazing bars


The slimmest and most popular option with a cross section of just 20mm x 5mm

Prestige II glazing bars

Prestige II

For larger panels or upon request. 20mm x 5mm one face | 20mm x 25mm oposing side.

Industrial steel door glazing bar dimensions


Full depth welded bars with 'L' beads and 35mm sight line. For very large elements.

CHOICE OF finishes: The most popular finish is black. However, you can choose any colour from the RAL Classic colour system.

We also have a selection of bronze and pearl gold finishes to choose from.

RAL 9005 black finish for steel doors


RAL 9003 signal white finish for steel doors


RAL 7021 black-grey finish for steel doors


RAL Classic colour finish for steel doors


RAL Classic colour finish for steel doors


RAL Classic colour finish for steel doors


CHOICE OF GLASS: The most popular glass choices are clear, frosted and Reeded|Fluted glasses.

If you need a glass that is not listed, please ask us and we will check availability and feasibility.

clear glass for Metalglass steel doors


fluted | reeded glass for Metalglass steel doors


frosted glass for Metalglass steel doors


grey tinted glass for Metalglass steel doors

Grey Tint

bronze tinted glass for Metalglass steel doors

Bronze Tint

Cathederal glass for Metalglass steel doors



Lever handles come in a choice of four style and options for latching [without locks], with escutcheons for key locks, or with a thumb turn and release for bathrooms.

Circa style handles for steel doors


Latch handles

Circa style handles with key locks or WC locks for steel doors


Lock | WC lock

Cubis style handles for steel doors


Latch handles

Cubis style handles with key locks or WC locks for steel doors


Lock | WC lock

Plano style handles for steel doors


Latch handles

Plano style handles with key locks or WC locks for steel doors


Lock | WC lock

Trex style handles for steel doors


Latch handles

Trex style handles with key locks or WC locks for steel doors


Lock | WC lock


With the exception of the Flush Grip option which is only for sliding doors, the other pull bar styles can suit either hinged or sliding door sets and can come in custom lengths.

Grace style pull handles for steel doors


Custom lengths

Estelle style pull handles for steel doors


Custom lengths

Lyssa style pull handles for steel doors


Custom lengths

Flush Grip pull handles for steel doors

Flush Grip

For Sliding Doors

Frequently asked questions:

What is a Loft Style door?

Loft style doors are doors made in steel and glass. They are also commonly referred to as metal frame doors, Art Deco doors, Industrial style doors, Heritage doors etc. Metalglass is the brand name for our own steel door collection.

Do you make fire doors?

Currently, we do not offer a fire rated door option.

We are aware of companies offering steel doors with fire rated glass. However, these are merely standard uncertified doors that have been fitted with 30 minute fire rated glass. These companies go on to say that it is the customers responsibility to check that the Building Inspector will pass this and that they, the company, accept no liability for any rejection.

Making a certifiable fire rated door involves a lot more that just changing the glass specification. FD30 tested steel doors undergo a huge amount of alterations to ensure their integrity including additional welded steel strengthening bars. Handle and lock housings that are reinforced with solid steel plates, intumescent fire tape for glazing that expands when heated. Even the glazing beads and fixings have to be upgraded. These are to name but a few of the necessary upgrades, the list goes on.

Which are better, steel doors or aluminium doors?

Steel is generally perceived to be the preferred choice. However, in reality, each material has it's own features and benefits, and we really couldn't say that either is better than the other. Steel doors are lovely and give that 'authentic' heritage feel. The workbility of aluminium allows a wider scope when considering accessory items and features such as adjustable frame sections that just can't be replicated in steel..

Are steel doors more expensive than aluminium doors?

As a raw material, steel is more expensive than aluminium. However, that doesn't factor in the cost of the associated hardware items.

For instance, our Piazza aluminium doors are made in Italy using only the very best quality profiles, glass and hardware. The enhanced hardware and sliding systems enables us to offer full height hinged doors, large door panels in sliding doors and variations such as bifolding and pocket doors. These featured make our aluminium doors higher cost than our Metalglass steel door options.

Do you offer a fitting service? Can I fit myself?

Subject to your project location, we are happy to work with you either way.
We understand that some clients like the reassurance of knowing that their doors are being measured and installed by our experienced team.
Our products have also frequently been installed by builders, other tradespeople, and even by the clients themselves. However, steel products do tend to be trickier to work with that our aluminium options.
For clients that would like our complete service, we would first create a quotation based on the information you provide. Then, if this quotation is acceptable, we would progress to the survey.

What is the cost of a Metalglass door?

The doors are made to order to each clients individual requirements, and the cost will vary according to the sizes and specification. To provide an accurate cost, we would need to know which option you are interested in, the size of the wall opening, whether you require our installation service, and also the site postcode.