Hinged Full Glass Doors

Maximise the light and space in your home by creating a beautiful, bespoke single doorway or double doorway with our made to order hinged full glass doors, and our premium quality hinges, locks, latches and handles.

full glass door room setting

About Full Glass Doors

Full glass doors are a simple way to replace interior timber doors with stylish glass doors. Our glass and hardware are designed do that the glass door can be fitted into a standard timber doorway.

full glass door fits into standard doorway

Bespoke Sizes

Full Glass Single Doors are suitable for doorways up to 900mm wide.
Double doors can fit doorways up to 1800mm wide (2 x 900mm)

Easy to replace timber doors with glass doors

There is no need to remove or replace your existing frame as our glass doors are designed to be fitted in place of a standard UK timber door.
Glass doors fit any rebate depth from 35mm upwards.

Choice of hinges and handles

Single doors come a latch or lock with a frame keep that is the same as the type used for a timber door.
We offer a range of handle designs, latch/lock styles and hinges for our glass doors.

full glass double doors fit into a standard doorway

Double doors

Glass double doors come with an additional strike box to match the lock/latch and a fixing bolt set

The little extras that make a difference

Included with our full glass doors are lengths of clear cushion strip. This is a simple, self adhesive, clear seal that can be fitted into your frame. It is discreet and unobtrusive and gives a cushion for the glass to close onto so that it isn't in direct contact with the wood.

Design and Personalise

Our glass and hardware options give you the opportunity to design a door that is unique to you.
We can sandblast your own personal design.

Design and Personalise your door.

Our wide choice of glass and hardware options give you the opportunity to design a door that is unique to you.

On this page, you can find information about the glass choices that we offer, and also the different hinges, locks and handles that are available to you.

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Gallery Hinged Full Glass Doors

Hinges for glass doors

Our hinges are suitable for either 8mm or 10mm thickness glass, and are made to ensure that your glass doors will fit into a standard type timber frame with a rebate.

With Cubo and Enzo and Vito, it isn't necessary to cut into the frame.

hinge choices for full glass doors

Choose from three hinge styles in several finish options

view of the hinge parts

The glass fixings are concealed behind matching cover plates

hinges for glass doors - cubo

Cubo Hinges

  • Satin Nickel
  • Polished Chrome
  • Matte Black
hinges for glass doors Enzo

Enzo Hinges

  • Satin Nickel
  • Polished Chrome
Hinges for glass doors - Vito

Vito Hinges

  • Satin Nickel
  • Polished Chrome

Locks and Latches for glass doors

Select a style and finish for the latch/lock and then select a handle options to go with it.

Each has options that include latches, lock with key cylinders and bathroom/privacy locks.

Our examples below show our most popular 'Cubo' style choices.

To view the alternative styles for our glass door locks/latches and handles, please click on the link

latch set example for glass doors

latch - example

Cubo hinges, Cubo latch, and Electra handles.

Our most popular latch option for full glass doors.

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example bathroom lock set for glass door

WC lock - example

Cubo hinges, Cubo bathroom lock with turn and emergency release, and Electra handles.
Our most popular option for bathroom doors.

view other WC locks and handles
example key locking set for glass door

Key lock - example

Cubo hinges, Cubo lock with key/key cylinder, and Electra handles.
Our most popular option for key locking full glass doors.

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glass door latch/lock fits into standard frame rebate

Latches and Locks

Latches and locks also fit into a standard 35mm plus rebate.

The strike plate is the same type as that used for a timber door.

Handles are also the same, but do not need the rose/plate at the back as they fit directly onto the glass door latch or lock.

glass door hinge fits into standard frame rebate

Hinges fit into a standard frame

Hinges are designed to fit into a standard door frame rebate from 35mm upwards.
Choice of three hinge styles.

All hinges can come in satin nickel (looks like stainless steel) and polished chrome.
Cubo can also come in matte black.

alternative pull bar and roller catch option

Alternative Hardware Option

It is also possible for us to provide our full glass doors with a roller catch and pull bars or pull knobs.

The adjustable roller catch is fitted into the frame at the top or the side. The glass door passes the nylon roller ball when the door is opened or closed. The roller ball keeps the door in the closed position.

Aluminium frames for glass doors

Satin Anodised Aluminium interior door frames for 8mm and 10mm thickness glass doors.

Frames come with pre-cut corners, threaded holes for hinges, milling for the keeps and gasket.

Made to order, to suit wall opening width up to 950mm and height up to 2400mm.

Frame Type 03 is for installation into the wall reveal
Frame Type 04 is for install into the wall reveal, with architrave on one face
Frame Type 05 is with architrave on both faces. For walls 100mm to 150mm thick.

aluminium frame style 03 for glass door

Frame Type 03

No architraves

aluminium frame style 04 for glass door

Frame Type 04

Architraves one side

aluminium frame style 05 for glass door

Frame Type 05

Architraves both sides

Glass Options for Hinged Glass Doors

When we manufacture a glass door, the glass is cut to size and prepared with the necessary drilled holes and cutouts for your hardware. It is then toughened to BSEN 12150 Class 1. The edges of the glass are polished, and lastly, if you have chosen a design, then that is sandblasted onto the glass and finished with a protective coating. The choice of glass thickness may be determined by it's suitability in relation to the size, the hardware choice and application.

clear glass door - standard or low iron

Clear Glass: standard or low iron

8mm, 10mm

Glass naturally contains iron, and it's the iron that gives standard glass a slight green hue. It is in all standard glass, but is more apparent in the thicker glasses that are used for glass doors. Hence, low iron glass has become the glass of choice for interior design. Most of the iron is removed to give better clarity, purity of colour and very high levels of light transmittance

satin glass door - standard or low iron

Satin Glass: standard or low iron

8mm, 10mm

Made by acid etching one face, Satin glass has a uniform, 'silky smooth' appearance that diffuses light to give a soft, natural appearance. It has excellent light transmission and a high level of privacy.
Ideal for bathrooms, and the preferred choice for plain opaque doors as it is a durable surface that needs no additional protection.

sandblasted glass door- standard or low iron

Linea Design Glass: standard or low iron

8mm, 10mm

Linea Design refers to sandblasted designs that employ straight lines or angular shapes such as squares.

The most popular design is as above: 4No equally spaced clear lines. However, the lines can be as wide or narrow as you wish, and positioned wherever you would like.

sandblasted designs glass door - standard or low iron

Special Design Glass: standard or low iron

8mm, 10mm

'Special Design' refers to sandblasted patterns that feature curves, logos, lettering and infact pretty much anything your imagination can contrive.

DESIGN YOUR OWN DOOR. You can either let us know your idea and we can design the artwork for your final approval, or you can provide your own artwork in a print ready format.

glass door with deep sandblast | engraved

Deep Sandblasted glass: standard or low iron. 8mm, 10mm

The designs are sandblasted 0.5mm into the glass surface.

Satin glass can be sandblasted with a design to give a 3D effect, so that you can have a pattern, whilst having no clear parts in the glass.

It's also possible to deep sandblast tinted glass.

tinted glass door - with or without sandblasted pattern

Tinted Glass 10mm

Metal oxides are added to the glass in production to give a bronze, grey or dark grey tint.

Glass can be completely sandblasted or patterned with linea / special designs.

Tinted glasses are also used for solar control as they reduce the light transmittance

coloured glass door - single colour or bi colour

Colour | Bi-colour Glass. 10mm

Colours are the result of a complex process of cold lacquering sprayed by hand on low iron glass, and finished with a protective coating. Coloured glass can be either single colour or bi-colour. Bi-colour, is two different colours separated by a clear strip.View Colours...

mirrored glass door and fusion glass doors

Light-Colour | Mirror-Colour Glass | Deep light | Fusion. 10mm

Light-Colour features a transparent pattern on a colour background.

Mirror-Colour has mirror on one face, with or without a design, and colour on the reverse.

Deep Light and Fusion are multi layered colour processes. View Designs...