Create Beautiful Openings with Frameless Glass Doors and Room Dividers

by Elegant Doors

Posted on February 10th 2020

Create beautiful openings with frameless glass

Glass doors are a stunning addition to any home.

They give a home the feeling of light and space that we all strive to achieve.

Clear glass doors define rooms without dividing. Allowing light to flow from one space to another. Whilst opaque glass doors offer the benefit of light with privacy.

Our hinged glass doors are divided into two types : Full Glass and Frameless Glass

FULL GLASS DOORS come with hinges that are designed so that the glass door can replace an ordinary timber door.
There is no need to remove the frame, so there is minimum disruption.

FRAMELESS GLASS DOORS are with hinges that will fit the glass door into the wall reveal. The wall reveal can be tile, plaster, wood etc.
You can even use an existing timber doorway, provided you can remove the 'stops' and make a flat surface.

SLIDING GLASS DOORS. With the expert engineering of modern day tracks, sliding glass doors offer a stunning, space saving addition to any home.
Sliding glass doors offer the benefits of a hinged glass door, with the additional benefit of saving room space when open.


The world really is your oyster with a glass door.
Each door is made just for you, giving you the opportunity to be creative.
You might want clear glass to make the most of a fantastic view. Or privacy glass for modesty, in a bathroom for instance.
However, if you want a design on the glass door, then we have lots of ideas in our photo galleries. Or why not come to us with your own idea for a unique, bespoke design.

The Complete Service

We understand that ordering a glass door can be a bit scary.
Our aim is to make your purchase as simple as possible, and to ensure the perfect end result.

Our glass doors are designed so that they can be fitted by competent tradespersons or even keen DIYers.

However, we also offer a complete service for our glass doors within England and Wales. From survey to installation, our design and fitting team are experienced in the specification and installation of glass doors and partitions.