Garofoli interior door sets - made to order in Italy

by Elegant Doors

Posted on February 11th 2020

Garofoli interior door sets

Stylish interior door sets made to order in Italy by Garofoli.

SERVING ARCHITECTURE FOR 50 YEARS The Garofoli Group is a world leader in the design, construction and sale of doors, with particular emphasis on solid wood doors. The Group, led by founder Fernando Garofoli and his sons, operates within the top segment of the market; its products are an excellent representation of the “Made in Italy” movement throughout the world.

Garofoli s.p.a. has always been distinguished by its marked sense of quality and for the care it takes in selecting the woods used; a philosophy which has always been at the base of the company’s success. Fernando Garofoli engraves signature on each door to personally guarantee his quality, transforming it from a simple industrial product into work of art.

GIDEA DESIGNER LAMINATE DOORS Construction quality, alternative materials, modern and eye-catching designs. The doors and walk-in wardrobes from the Gidea line represent the younger side of the Garofoli Group.

All of the Group’s production is supported by the most modern productive technologies, several of which are covered by registered patents. Technological research is combined with the continual search for the highest quality raw materials. The constant study of innovative construction techniques leads to the daily improvement of the details and to continuous experimentation on finishes and new colour tones.